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I’ve been having  a hard time finding something to write about for a new article—nothing grabbed me.  Then, I happened to run across an article in Forbes by Deborah L. Jacobs about made to order clothing.  I was a little familiar with men’s made to order clothing from my brief stint with J. Hilburn, a men’s made to order clothing line that offers high quality products.  In the Forbes article, companies like Charles Tyrwhitt and Taylor Store were mentioned.  But the companies that offered made to order shoes seemed very interesting and was something totally new—-at least to me.  For instance, at Shoes of Prey, you can choose the heel, toe, fabric, embellishment and have them in about 2 weeks.  Anther cool company is Hourglass Footwear where you can design your own hand painted shoes and wedding shoes-whatever “wedding shoes” are.  Another site to try is Shoe Design Studio.  You can even customize your Ferragamo Vara flats and Neiman’s has a style your own Manola Blahnik site.  But enough about the shoes, what about other stuff?  Well, there is Rigby & Peller where you can order made to wear lingerie.  And be sure to check out EShakti.  They “customize  to height, size & style”.  They have adorable pastel dresses that will be perfect for spring and Easter—kinda of a retro look.  I’m sure if you do some exploring, you can find other web sites that offer more “custom” clothing choices.  Let me know what you come up with.

PS-I forgot to tell you about if you don’t want to spend the bucks, it’s fun to build your own dress.  Kind of like the Build A Bear or when you are shopping for a car on the web and you “build” your car.

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