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Kerrville, Texas Courthouse

Kerrville, Texas Courthouse

This past week was a busy week.  Nothing earth shattering.  Besides golf and mahjong, I had to go to Kerrville to get a certified copy of a legal document.  I also had to drive to the Llano District Clerk to get another certified document.  For you foreigners,  Llano is another little Texas hill country gem and those ladies in the clerk’s office are so nice.  I just love small town friendliness.  It’s got a great courthouse square and like Marble Falls, a river runs through it.  Sometimes, I’ll do a full article on the central Texas town.  Little did I know I could pick up the phone and have both documents sent to me.  I could have saved a lot of time, energy, and gas and stayed in my cool house. Finally, I drove to Georgetown to get a itty bitty cap for the turn lever on my car.  It just so happened, my friend Janey had to pick her car up in Georgetown.  She had smashed into a deer or rather the deer smashed into her and her car was towed to the collision place.  Unfortunately, hitting a deer is not a rare occurrence in the Texas hill country. This week, I also started cleaning and purging my closet—it’s August and Texas is way too hot to do anything outside after 10AM, so a cool and dark closet is quite pleasing. Discarding things is so hard for me to do…I tend to hold on to things that I don’t even need or use.   But in all fairness, I have found when you live in a resort area, you have several wardrobes.  One for the causal everyday lifestyle and another for when you drive into the city, in my case Austin.  And when you travel afar, you need a totally different set of clothes.  So, my closet has lots of things that I don’t wear on a regular basis—like ski clothes.  So, they sit in my closet till needed.  But, that’s another article so let me get back to my week.  To recap, my week was helping a friend, purging a closet and getting papers certified.  Helping, purging, and certifying.  Purging, helping, and certifying.  Hmmmm, I really try not to push my ah-ha moments on innocent people—at least, not as blatant as I am about to.  I usually leave that up to much better sources like Elephant Journal.  And I know there are tons more inspiration sources to go to—like Richard Rohr.  But maybe it’s the heat that has caused me to think of the applications here.  Don’t we scurry around trying to get certification from other people when the answer is right there is front of us. And what about things that we need to weed out?  And oh yeah, how often do we help others?  Okay, let’s go over this, again…..The take away is … Help others.  Get rid of the useless things in your life.  And most important, stop looking elsewhere for certification when all you need is right in front of you.             Man, I’m good…….

Georgetown Courthouse

Georgetown, Texas Courthouse

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Llano Courthouse

Llano Courthouse

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