May 27, 2014 by

Remember the Archies?  They had a cartoon show and a bubble gum hit song called SUGAR,SUGAR.  I loved that song….still do.  As Dick Clark used to say, “has a good beat and fun to dance to!”  There happens to be an art exhibit in Brooklyn, NY by Kara Walker that chronicles the beginning of the sugar industry and trade.  The setting is the old Domino Sugar Factory and the installation is gigantic.  I’d love to go but instead I’ve googled it and read about it on the flat screen of my computer.  An interesting thing about the refining of sugar is the most nutritious element of sugar is removed when it is processed to make it pristine white.  The extracted molasses has all the nutrients and real flavor…  Deep breath.  Man, does that sound familiar?...

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May 24, 2014 by

Don’t ya just love a good deal?  I love finding products that are equal in quality of those very expensive ones – yet a fraction of the cost.  And it’s icing on the cake when you can get them at a local pharmacy or market.  If you’re like me, I live a long way from a Sephora!  Here are some great beauty products that SheFINDS found.  Enjoy!   *Don’t forget to add your name to the email list in the upper right...

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May 21, 2014 by

I love, love, LOVE being outdoors.  Combine that with friends “n” food and you’ve got the perfect day for me.  It’s so relaxing to gather around a table in the back yard and visit with a glass of wine and ease into the meal.  No schedule, no reservations, and no time limit.  Our Texas weather has just been glorious…I fear those days are dwindling.  Here is a great back yard party idea for getting your BFF’s together (timeline included).  The article says for a baby shower but it would be a wonderful bridal shower event, or graduation celebration, or bridge/book club luncheon.  I also think it could be a perfect “movable feast” menu.  Last year, I invited some friends to have a picnic lunch and play Mahjong at a local vineyard.  It was a...

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May 14, 2014 by

OK, there’s always a little down time after a holiday.  Whether the big day lives up to expectations or just was a total flop, one always has a little jet lag afterwards.  I don’t know if your Mother’s Day was off the chart wonderful and you had one of those Norman Rockwell Sundays or you just got through it—for what ever reason.  BTW, you’d be surprised at the numbers of parents’s who are estranged from their offspring.  Here is one of many articles on the subject of parent/children non existent relationships. My favorite is #4—don’t get me started.  That’s a whole different article.  But back to recouping.  I thought this would be a wonderful time to share some of the natural beauty secrets and treatments that I’ve run across.  There are some that are...

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May 8, 2014 by

I remember Mamma.  What a great movie title to think of this time of year.  If you have a television, how can you not know it is Mother’s Day this Sunday?  One of the few things we all have in common is we all have, or had, a Mother.  In my case, it is “had”.  Because of Alzheimers, I had a very long goodbye with my Mother.  Truth be known, she had left about a year earlier—I mean the real one, the one who raised me. The one that was so much fun.  Doris Inez Warren.  (Yes, I was a junior—at least with the first name.  Thank God, she didn’t strap me with Inez.)  From what all the relatives said, she was a feisty little thing who would help pick cotton on the west...

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