Apr 28, 2015 by

I think my fingers are okay—I can just about straighten them out.  You see, I went zip lining last week and my digits have just now uncurled from the position of clinging.  Let me back up, I went with my new chick group (Texanas) to Candlelight Ranch.  For you foreigners, it’s between Marble Falls and Austin (Texas, of course) on a beautiful farm to market road—#1431.  We were told to pack a lunch and meet out there at ten o’clock.  Lynette, the ranch program director, gave us a brief history of the ranch, and we did a walk about.  She pointed to all the native plants and showed us several “adventure” challenge courses — one of which was the zip line.  Some of the girls had previously “zipped” in such exotic places as Costa...

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Apr 9, 2015 by

When I walked in the room, I immediately felt like I was going through sorority rush.  Not that I knew the feeling personally.  I refused to do that back in the day—-it was nineteen seventy, the lowest year on record for college pledges and I decided to be an independent.  We used to call them GDI’s.  Besides, with my sister being a KAPPA, I felt we had already made out family’s contribution to the Greek world.  Hey, I wasn’t a total misfit, I was on the student union committee.  But back to the room.  I had been persuaded to join this group by my friend, Janey, who knew I wasn’t not a “joiner” but in her words, “this group was different”.  I really thought I’d say yes, but be conveniently out of town for...

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