The Best Birthday He Never Had

Oct 26, 2015 by

The weekend didn’t turn out like I had planned—what an understatement.  Today is Dennis’ birthday and I had made plans to celebrate in San Antonio at La Cantera Hill Country Resort for the weekend.  We had dinner reservations at Silo and a tee time after a Sunday brunch, the next day.  Francesca was going to keep Mitch—–it was going to be a fun weekend.  Was.  I’m trying to remember the exact chain of events that caused the weekend detour. I reserved a ninety minute massage for Dennis on Friday afternoon to get the weekend off to a relaxing start.  That went well, he loved it.  The next morning, I made coast toast-an attempt to recreate a wonderful brunch dish we had in La Jolla.  At this point, I ask you to refer back to...

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Oct 15, 2015 by

And, it’s called La Jolla.  Yes, I have been to the mountain top.  It certainly wasn’t my first time to be there, but every time I go, it just gets better and better.  There’s no such thing as a bad trip to southern California.  You’ll probably be reading a lot of posts about this last trip, but for now, I’m just gonna concentrate on the food.  OMG, how can it be sooo fabulous?  I know, everything is fresh.  Everything.  I did not see one Sysco truck—they probably are outlawed.  I bet they stop them at the state line.  And there are so many choices of divine places to eat….and so little time.  Before the trip, I did tons of research.  Trip Advisor, Zagat, etc.  The pressure was on because it was my turn to...

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