Hotel Settles

Feb 23, 2020 by

I know, I know……’re saying “Big Spring is NOT in the Texas Hill Country!” Duh. For you foreign readers, I’d advise you to google it and see just how “not in the hill country” it reeely is. For us, Big Spring is a perfect stop when we’re going up to Santa Fe or in this case, coming back from Sedona. West Texas has always been in my DNA with a Mother growing up on a ranch outside of Snyder. I’ve heard relatives talk about Big Spring for years. Lately, when someone has mentioned Big Spring, it’s been because of Hotel Settles…..or the refurbishing of Hotel Settles. So this time, we routed our trip to go through Big Spring and not the usual path through Lubbock. It was a Sunday and we had to drive...

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