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It was the perfect time to be at the River Inn Resort in Hunt, Texas.  The weather was getting warmer, schools were

We lost count how many time the road crossed the river.

still in session, and above all-it wasn’t a camp closing weekend.  It was May and I was back on the South Fork of the Guadalupe River.  It had been years since I’d been there—just out of college and recently married to a third generation Kerrvert.  (That’s what we used to call people from Kerrville.)  I had changed, a lot, but the River Inn had not.  It still was one of the most beautiful places on the river.  The Inn, itself, was built by the same people that built the Inn Of The Hills in Kerrville, back in the day.  Now, all the rooms have been turned into privately owned condos that are rented out-which brings me back to the purpose of this article and that is to say YOU MUST GO!  It’s one of the few places left that still conjures up a true hill country experience.  I know, the building needs work, the outdoor chairs need new webbing, and the same light fixtures are in the great room that were there when we had parties in the seventies.  But, you won’t care………..once you walk down to the beautiful, pristine water,  you just won’t care.  You can fish…..or swim out to the floating platform……..or slide down the flume…….or cook on one of the outside grills………..Or, you can just be—which is the one I vote for!                     I’m including some pictures I took, but, I urge you to go the their webpage and see for yourself.  Keep in mind, no picture captures the true beauty.  This definitely should be on you Hill Country bucket list.  Hint:  watch for it on Groupon!

Our room was a corner, 2 bedroom on the bottom floor.



The original Schlitterbahn!

Dance under the stars after the rodeo at Crider’s on a summer Saturday night.

If you forget something, you may find it at The Store in Hunt.



Camp Mystic, where my daughter went, is just one of the many summer camps in the area.











THINGS COMING UP IN THE HILL COUNTRY!                                                                                                                           Bruce Robison is at The Globe Theater 8/25                                                                                                                              Movie Under The Stars LBJ Ranch 8/26                                                                                                                                  Sunday pot roast at Hoover Valley Cafe







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