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My friend, Marta, of Marta Stafford Fine Art Studio in Marble Falls, hosted her annual Dia de los Muertos celebration at her gallery.  I had gone last year and maybe the year before (who can remember back that far?).  For some people, the celebration may

Susan Yewell, Marta Stafford, Moi, Robin Chiesa, and Marilyn Huston

seem a little strange, but, because I had the good fortune, years and lifetimes ago, to be in Tulum, Mexico during the Day of the Dead holiday, I was familiar with the tradition.  I knew it was a day to remember loved ones, who have died, by bringing mementos and place them on something called an ofrendas.  In Tulum, the alters had things like a cigarette pack (gee, I wonder how they died), a bottle of perfume, a flask of scotch, a wedding certificate, an old record, a picture…………anything that would stir a sweet memory of times spent with the person who was no longer with you…………Now, Marta has started her own tradition by hosting a fun gathering of delightful people.  Most of them are artistic……..birds of a feather do flock together.  For instance, one person I met makes fantastic dolls that she sculpts from clay.  I visited with another water colorist from Fredericksburg.  I met a man who was snapping pictures with a tricked out camera and found he lived right down the street from me.  I saw a friend who had just gotten back from a trip to Italy (or as my Mom from West Texas used to say, It-lee) where she did needlework with others.  Another woman was a very talented milliner.  All this talent.  All these personalities.  All the living coming together to enjoy each other under the premise of remembring those that


have passed………Do we need a special day to remember those who have been so special in our lives?  Probably, not.  We do that naturally.  Evidently, what we do need are people to remind us to enjoy and appreciate those who are here in our lives and celebrate what they bring to the table…………………It was a fun night…………………………………..Thanks, Marta.


FYI:  Dia de los Muertos is not to be confused with Halloween–you know that fall holiday that as you age your costume effort lessens and you finally just put that tee shirt on that says “This is my costume”.  Or if you’re a young woman, you use it as an excuse to parade around in something your Mother wouldn’t let you out of the house with, if you still lived at home.

Holli Beckworth, Lake House Chocolate, one ups me.

Michelle Hart, La-Ti-Da, and I have a battle of the necklaces.  Your going’ down, Rug Queen!!!


Chaski performed their ethereal music.


Always the mark of a good party is when the host has a good time!









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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Things Coming Up:

Old Crow Medicine Show-Nov 10, Bass Hall

Mason Wild Game Dinner-Nov 11, Fort Mason

Walkway of Lights-Nov 17, Marble Falls

Johnson City Lights Spectacular-Nov 17, Johnson City

Big Antone’s R&R Birthday Bash-Nov 18, Bertram

Something new to try:

Del Rio Comida Deluxe-downtown Marble Falls


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