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1510355_694394773936524_1507799320_nFirst of all, we all know this is a trumped up day.  A blatant push to hook innocent schmucks into spending money on the love of their life. And next to New Year’s Eve, it is the worst night to go out to dinner.  With that said, one may feel odd to be alone on this syrupy day.  Not to worry, as they say you need to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative (believe me, I know, easier said than done).  On the Elephant Journal blog, Kathryn Ashworth has touching thoughts that hit the bullseye about being alone as opposed to being lonely.  Take time and read it slowly because it applies to every other day of the year.  On to the business at hand.  Make plans in advance so you have something to look forward to.  Get pro-active and take charge of the day.  Go to the store and get ingredients to bake a mini quiche from Judith Jones recipe in Leite’s Culinaria blog.  Why not bake two and share?  If weather permits, put on some pink sneakers and go for a walk.  Check out that new shop or try a different Starbucks flavor, or indulge in a yummy pastry.  If the weather won’t cooperate, catch up on the Downton Abbey episodes or take a quiz to find your perfume scent personality according to Melissa Greer in the Best Health blog.  And under the my prayers have been answered category, check out the Beauty Chocolate-it’s chocolate with Omega-7.  At this point, you’ll probably want a nice soak so treat yourself to some Cupcake Bubble Bath Bombs.  And if by chance, there is a little twinge of ill will towards someone, let’s say for hypothetical reasons-an ex, just remember what Dolly Parton said about the woman she wrote about in her famous song, Jolene.  “No, Jolene never did manage to lead my husband away.  But sometimes even now, I look at him and think, ‘God, I wish she had.’ ”

P.S.—If you have a target in mind to make being alone on Valentine’s Day a thing of the past, check out this body wash with a killer name.  Cupid loves it.

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