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Duck Duck Goose?

Duck Duck Goose?

This year I’m totally rerouting Easter.  Yes, I did get out the Easter bunnies, my Mother’s bunny candy dish, and the kitschy “Have A Happy Easter” wooden stake.  I usually don’t “do” cute but I make an exception for Easter and I do have years of memories with them.  Oh, the days of staying up late stuffing candy in plastic eggs and carefully hiding them in the yard—hoping Cupcake, our chocolate Lab, would not eat them while I grabbed twenty winks.  Oh, the memory of brand new Easter outfits, Sunday dinners and Easter egg hunts at Riverhill, and leaving a warm cabin to go up the hill at MO Ranch for a chilly sunrise service.  One year, I stayed up all night finishing a dress for my daughter only to miss church because I forgot about the time change.  Hey, I didn’t say the memories were all good!  So now, with just a few days till Easter, I’m wondering what Dennis and I will do this Sunday.  Will I make the  Italian Easter pie or the usual ham?  Coconut cake?  Lunch at the club?  Mmmmm, I think not.  I’ve made reservations at Hill Top Cafe for a 2 o’clock seating.  Hopefully, friends will join us and old memories will be tucked away and new ones will take their place!  And when all else fails, remember.



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