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No, denying it.  Can’t get around it.  It is the mother ship of the hill country.  I’m talking about Fredericksburg.  They do it right.  This last weekend, we went back for the annual Light The Night Christmas Parade.  This year, we met friends before the parade at Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse.  (FYI, it’s one of the few places in Fredericksburg that takes reservations)  The

Parade view from bleachers.

Love it!

plan was to have an early dinner at five, then, walk down to the bleachers, where we had reserved seating, for the seven o’clock parade.  All fine and good till we walk out and find out the parade started at six-thirty.  Heads-up…….read the tickets.  But not to worry, there were plenty of floats left to watch and since they go down the Main Street and I mean THE main street and turn around and come back, you get to see them twice.  At least, if you get there on time.  No matter, it still was the same Norman Rockwell kind of night.  You walk down the sidewalk and see people in folding chairs with silly elf hats and ugly Christmas sweaters having fun and making memories.  Lots of families, locals and out of towners, that probably have been doing this for many years and generations.  The floats still have nativity scenes and honest to God (pardon the

Snag the window booth at Crossroads.

pun) Christmas carols are blasting on the speakers.  Then, you’ll see a float with an upside-down Santa stuck in the fireplace.  We did notice a lack of marching bands, tho.  So next year, I’m putting a kazoo (or wax paper over a comb) band to take up the slack.  I’ve just got to find people who can walk at the fast clip that those floats go.  Do let me know if you are interested.  I foresee one rehearsal before the parade, probably on the dance floor of Crossroads a couple of hours before the parade kicks off.  Now, to think up a catchy name.  Suggestions are welcomed…………So, after the last float went by, we head back to Crossroads and score a cozy booth overlooking Main Street where dismissed floats are going by.  One is the float that obviously had Santa, but he is no longer sitting in the sleigh.  After a few more sleigh passes, we start to wonder if he’s gone M.I.A.  The Cap City Band starts playing Motown music and I beg Dennis to dance——so what if he’s been on crutches for 7 weeks, it’s Motown.  He finally

Has anyone seen Santa?

acquiesces and we get out in a room full of younguns and dance to my favorite music of all time.  Of course, when he gets back to the table, he gets a leg cramp…… must be really hard to maintain a sense of decorum when your leg is jack-knifing in an involuntary reflex.  And, I really don’t thing the table of cute girls noticed too much……..The next day, we go on the Christmas Home Tour—–seven homes and a market.  As my friend in Amarillo used to say, “All it takes is a little imagination” as she would rub her thumb and first two fingers together indicating mucho dinero.  These homes had both.  All with gracious hosts who were willing to share the history of their abodes.  After a little retail therapy at the market, we headed home with one more house to tour on the way.  It happened to be the owners of Magnolia Pearl.  If you’ve never stopped at Magnolia Pearl, do.  Just do it.  It’s art, it’s textiles, it’s architecture, its history…….it’s different.  Very different……..It’s a great example of what has always made Fredericksburg unique. Fredericksburg has been on the cutting edge of so many things………….Shabby Chic was first seen in Fredericksburg,  delicious sauces to plop on a plank of cream cheese (thank-you Fischer & Wieser) were first done in Fredericksburg, making denim a fashion statement de rigueur was first seen in Fredericksburg…………all the while maintaining it’s history and charm.  Not to mention, you can still go to an old fashioned “five and dime” (love me some Dooley’s)…………..Ahhhhhhhh, Freddy———–You never, ever, ever disappoint.

Loved visiting with William Varney, who started The Herb Farm and now has Urban Herbal, at the Christmas market. Another find was Salutations–adorable hand made stationery from Johnson City.

Love my outdoor Christmas pillows I got from Raggs by Elaine – one of the many vendors at the market.  You can see more oil cloth pillows at Things In A Room.  Edith, the owner, makes all sorts of darling stuff!

Just another wonderful, old, relic……the house, the house!  Love the windmill!




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