BADU 1891

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BADU 1891



I’m not a food critic and this blog really isn’t a food column-but I do enjoy a well done place to go that checks all the boxes.  So, you will understand why I am so excited to tell you about a new little gem in Llano.  It’s the new restaurant called Badu 1891.  What a find!  Finally, a restaurant in our part of the Texas hill country with good food, good service, good ambiance, and a good margarita.  When you walk in the building from the Highway 16 entrance, you immediately notice the steer hide chairs and lovely art on the walls.  And not just any art.  Paintings from the artist such as Tom Dorr line the cozy walls and the longhorn over the fireplace reminds me of my favorite hotel in Austin, The Driskill—where else for a sixth generation Texan?  The Badu has a rarity in the area—–plenty of well trained wait staff.  I do’t know anything about the chef, but, every thing we ordered was delicious.  I strongly recommend ending the meal with the chocolate pot de creme and a port.  Afterwards, you can mosey through the cozy bar area, which has more casual dining, and enjoy live music on the big patio area in the back.  I’m really excited about Badu 1891.  I just can’t wait to go back………..By the way Kevin,  you owe me your margarita especial!                                                                                                                                                                                              Tip:…..the “venison” meatloaf is actually axis and it is delicious.  And, can’t wait to try their weekend brunch……..


Corn fritters-appetizer of champions



Kevin, the owner, visits with Jeff and Michelle



Can you see the Tom Dorr painting in the background?









Under those potatoes can be your choice of chicken fried antelope, ribeye filet or chicken breast









Guess what state we’re in!

Sip a drink and walk around and check out the art



My idea of a happy ending-chocolate pot de creme and port


Johnson City Tractor Pull-6/23

North By Northwest-6/24, Uptown Art House



Oh, the stories that have been told at this bar-including ones about the place being haunted

Fun patio area-great venue for any celebration.

I am smitten with this place







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