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That’s Kay, Bill, and me being way too jolly for a cold morning!

What a weekend!  It started off with snow, okay, snow furries.  In Texas, that’s what we call random flakes of the frozen prisms that fly by and tragically met their death when they hit the St Augustine grass that is still green from the near seventy degree day we had before.  The singing saga started on Wednesday when Bill and I sang with Kay Baker, local KBEY radio personality extraordinaire, for the local Christmas toy drive.  We did it last year and I wish I could say we were back by popular demand, but, let’s just say we were back.  A fun time was had by all and, plus, you get to look at some cool cars since it’s always at a car dealership.  And, what a great cause……..In between the singing gigs, I talked Denny into going on an adventure…..I had seen a post on Facebook about a music organization that has mini-concerts in private homes in and around the hill country.  This particular one was going to be in Johnson City, which is a lot closer than the ones I had heard about in Austin.   The post said bring food and drink to share and throw in a couple of chairs-just in case.  Driving to Johnson City, Denny was saying, “Now let me get this straight……we are going to a stranger’s house with people we don’t know and listening to live music?”  Yup, you got it.  I que in the address, we get there and see people walking up to the house…… far so good.  Denny grabs the homemade Baileys Irish Cream, I happened to have made the night before and in we go.

I’m hooked on Trout Fishing In America

We were graciously welcomed (especially, when they learned we brought Baileys) and began to meet new friends and see old friends from past lives.  My Baileys was a hit and we settled in to listen to Trout Fishing In America in the outdoor venue.  After the last set, we head back to Marble Falls and assume the battle position and watch mode to spot our prolific hill country white tailed deer as we go down Hwy 281.  The next day, again, I meet Bill, who is Mr. Marble Falls, on Main Street and we sing Christmas carols for all the people at Market Days.  When I say sing, I use the term lightly…….we mostly cut-up’d and had fun.  Since Bill knows everyone in The Falls, he’d stop in the middle of a song and yell the name of innocent people passing bye.  Ahhhhh, you just gotta love a small town!…………  But, the best was yet to come……The next day, Dennis and I meet Bill and Janey at Candlelight Ranch to sing for kids who are there for an afternoon of hay rides, making bird feeders, decorating sugar cookies (the best Cathy B!) and saying hello to Santa Claus.  Of course, through all that, Bill and I are just background music, but, every once in a while we would get a little participation from the special kids, their parents, and Candlelight volunteers.  FYI…….Candlelight Ranch “provides therapeutic and educational nature-based experiences to enrich the lives of at risk youth, children with disabilities, and their families”.  It was a giving and receiving kind of afternoon…………….

This time of the year, I’ve got soooooo many good reasons to sing…………………….Aren’t Christmas carols wonderful !!!!!!!!!


Literally, backing up Bill!




Marcia Ball & Johnny Nicholas——  Hilltop Cafe-12/14

Sol Patch——-The Hunt Store, 12/16

Art Walk———-Johnson City, 12/16

Collector’s Edition-The Hunt Store, 12/23

Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers—-Brass Hall, 12/23

The Flashbacks——The Hunt Store, 12/30

Mike & The Moonpies w/Robyn Shayne—-Globe Theater,12/31

The Mike Kasberg Jazz Band—The Hunt Store, 12/31


Reeling it in, with Darryl Avery, at Trout concert and visiting about The Music Connection’s outreach in nursing homes. For more info, go to Texas Heritage Music Foundation.











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