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It had been years since I had been to Comfort so when my friend, Cheryl, suggested going for a day of Christmas shopping and lunch, I said I needed five minutes.  On the way over (it takes about an hour to zig-zag over there) I wondered if the little German town had changed.  For you foreigners, Comfort is  just off I-10 between Kerrville and Boerne and of course, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  It was settled by German immigrants, who we all know, had a knack for picking out the most beautiful land when Texas was “ripe for the pickin'”.    My first memories of Comfort went all the way back to the seventies when we would make the drive from Kerrville and go to a old diner, right by the park with the infamous Union statue, and I remember they served a sliced lemon pie and the waitress’ name was Schatzi— long before the spiffy, little tea rooms and upscale antique stores were there.  The shocker was the downtown main street, High Street, looked exactly the same.  Exactly.  It was, how can I put it…..quite, uh, comforting.  I’ve always said Comfort is what Fredericksburg used to be like and the people of Comfort have done a great job of maintaining the quaintness of the small German downtown.  According to shop owners, that’s getting harder and harder to do.  Granted, there were new shops and new places to eat, but, the store facades were the same.  Which is why I hesitate to tell you about the place—I don’t want it to change.  So please, let’s keep this between you and me.      I just love that little town and you must go!  And when you do, take time to drive around the back streets and see some of the beautiful, old homes, barns, and structures.  If you really have time, venture out on one of the country roads and see the hill country at it’s very best.  I can’t wait to go back…………Here are some pictures of our, all too short, afternoon……….

Comfort has always been know for really wonderful antiques.


Our first stop was High’s









The Elephant Story has a very interesting………story.

The New York Times called The Faust “the Crown Jewel of Comfort, Texas“. It would be a great venue for parties, weddings, reunions or a well deserved get-away.

These charming ladies will happily share The Elephant Story and other interesting stories about Comfort.


FYI…High’s has the best bread pudding I’ve ever had.


You must go to the Fiddlin Frogs……you just must.

A quick looksie inside the Fiddlin Frogs.





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