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That's June, myself, and Janey at the ROADSHOW checkpoint charlie.

That’s us at Checkpoint Charlie!

It was one of those friend of a friend kind of things.  June has a friend who gave her 4 tickets to the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in Austin.  I was thrilled to get a behind the scenes view of the popular PBS television show.     What would I take?  The first things I thought of were the huge silver platter, the crystal cheese dome, my great-grandmother’s crazy quilt, or the silver tea service.   Or, maybe the Queen Anne desk?  But when I started thinking about packing up and carrying that stuff, I clearly thought I needed a plan B.  My friend Linda had the timely idea of taking my great grandfather’s spurs.  The great grandfather who was  in the Texas Frontier Forces which was the precursor of the Texas Rangers.   I also had “documentation”— stuff like  a copy of his discharge papers and other documents from the Texas Ranger archives.  If you watch A.R.S., you know they like documentation.  The night before, I pack the spurs, my great-grand mother’s spectacles, a couple of old books, a folding chair (recommended on the RoadShow web page).  We leave the next morning (just like 6th graders on a field trip) and drive to Austin.  We’re dropped off at the downtown convention center and find exhibit hall #5 and a long line of lot’s of people.  Thank goodness all of the estimated 6,000 people  were coming at later assigned times.  We make it through the first checkpoint where we showed our tickets and proceed to the next  checkpoint where we show them our treasures and they tell us what area to go to.  I show them my prize spurs and the guy says “tribal arts”.  Tribal Arts?  They must know my family.  The line is long to the tribal arts  appraiser and I’m so glad I have my folding chair.    I sit down and start looking around the hall.  Where the heck is Mark Walberg?  I visit with the woman next to me who was also very glad she’d brought a folding chair.  We talked about the people looking at our chairs with coveting eyes and how before the day is over our two chairs would be the most valuable things in the building.  I’m almost at the final checkpoint when I see Chet from the PBS show,



DAYTRIPPER.  I tell him I love how eats a cheeseburger and he does the obligatory thank you and laughs.  He and his minimal crew go to the front of the line and are quickly escorted to the appraisal table which just so happens to be the table where I go to.  My appraiser looks like he is so bored but does take a long look and seems to be interested in my documentation.  He says the spurs were very common—nothing like the J. O. Bass spurs that are so valuable.  He even says they were probably made in New Jersey.  New friggin Jersey???  You will probably hear me on the DAYTRIPPER yelling in the background “You mean my Texas Ranger great-grandfather wore spurs made by a Yankee?”  For the first time, the bored man had a look of life.  It quickly faded.  I clearly get the hint my time is up and mosey over to my friends who are wanting to be in the “I came to the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and found out granny’s plate is worth six dollars!  But, we had a reeeyulll goooooooood time.”  You know, the clip that runs at the end of the show?  We quickly make up something terribly cute and clever to say and the girl behind the camera generously gives us a second chance.  Uhhhh, here’s a hint—-look for the Three Stooges that yell “And now we’re going for margaritas!”.  We wind up at El Mat and talk about what we should have brought to the show.  As you know, hindsight goes so well with a top shelf margarita.



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