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Lurch was a scree-um!

By the time you read this, The Addams Family may no longer be residing at 1668 S US Highway 87 in Fredericksburg, also known as the Fredericksburg Theater Company.  Too bad, if that be the case — it’s a terrific production.  The set design and direction under Jim Weisman are so much more than what one would expect in a small town.  The musical was choreographed beautifully with costumes, lighting, and make-up equally outstanding.  As you can tell, I just loved it.  Yes, I was the one singing the lyrics during the prelude.  Yes, I was the one who was incensed when people were clapping hands when they should have been clicking their thumb and middle finger.  What a faux pas!  And, yes, I was the one getting my picture taken with every cast member…….I’m so thankful our friends, Billy and Cheryl, knew a board member so we were able to get tickets to the sold out Saturday performance.  By the way, if you missed The Addams Family Musical, do try to catch another production at the Fredericksburg Theater Company.  We have been to other plays there and have enjoyed every one.  As Siskel & Ebert used to say——two thumbs up!  If you go, Fredericksburg has excellent choices for places to eat and you just might be able to get a glass of wine, also!

Remember Uncle Fester?


Grandma and just your average zombie

That’s the Pugsly in front

Morticia and Gomez are still hopelessly romantic


Wildflower & Wine Tour-Castell General Store-3/3

Seaquist House Tour-Mason, 3/3

Sweet Pickin’s Vintage Fair-Mason, 3/2-3/3

Historic Walking tours resume-Pioneer Museum, 3/7

Llano Earth Art Fest-Llano, 3/9

Shake Russell-290 Vinery, 3/10

Max Stalling-Kendalia Halle, 3/10

Paint The Town-Marble Falls, 4/29


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