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If you’ve been anywhere near a television the past few days, you have seen pictures of at least two planes that have flown through extreme turbulence.  Me no likey.  Knock on wood, I’ve never had a horrible experience while flying-except the time the wheels would not come down as we were approaching Aspen and we had to divert back to Denver.  But, lately I have noticed myself paying more attention to the flight attendant when the pre-flight instructions are announced.  Of course, I’ve always said I would never have to worry about the impact of a crash because I would have a heart attack long before the plane hits the ground.  Or die of dehydration from crying and sobbing.  (I also say that about winning the lottery-I’d never get to enjoy it because I’d have a heart attack when they called my winning numbers out).  Anyway, to really put a knot in your tummy, read these ten little horrifying facts about flying.  And God forbid, hopefully you will never have to use this, but here are ways to survive a plane crash.  Of course, while you are safely in the air, do you know what you should always wear on the plane and what Ali Garland, of Travel Made Simple, says the must haves for your carry on are ?  And, under the duh category, here are 7 things to never do in the bathroom.  Back to that crash thing, it reminds me of my younger days when we flew in a friend’s plane from Kerrville to Leaky (that’s Texas, ya’ll).  We were circling the little landing strip and Richard, pilot/owner of plane, was saying “I think it’s long enough, we’re going to try it”.  Did I mention we were all young and crazy?  Anyway, I digress, I jokingly (I thought) asked Richard what is the crash position—the correct crash position.  Richard calmly said, “Bend down, put you head between your knees, hands folded over the back of your head….and kiss your sweet ass good-bye.”  Ahhhhh, those were the days…….no, no—not flying in private planes, but when I had a “little ass”.*

* I do apologize for my French (that’s what my Aunt Scrap would say when she said a naughty word)

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