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Finally, I made it to the Blanco Lavender Festival.  After all, it is on the Texas Bucket List.  For years, my Marthaty Stewartee friends have gone and gotten fresh Lavender and done all sorts of Marthaty Stewartee things with it, but for some reason I’ve never been able to go, even tho, it’s always just been down the road in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  I cajoled Denny into going and we were in Blanco in about forty five minutes.  The Lavender Fest brochure said it started at noon on Friday and by the time we got there, about 2pm, there were a surprising amount of people.  (I can’t imagine what it’s like once the Saturday and Sunday crowds hit!)  We were able to find a shaded parking spot (remember, I’m the daughter of a West Texas woman who preached it’s better to walk a little farther if you can park in the shade) and walked about a block to the court house that was surrounded by tents.  My main mission was to have a Lavender Lizzie-the official drink of the festival.  Because the crowd hadn’t peaked, we were able to easily weave in and out of the vendors and booths while sipping the little Lizzie, which is a champagne based concoction—oh, and you get to keep the commemorative glass that will surely spark lavender scented memories.  Here are a few pictures of the fun afternoon.

Here is where all your Lavender questions can be answered


They have the answers at the information booth










Booths and vendors abound with all sorts of goodies


Score!!! Lavender Lizzies!









Me with the Lavender Lizzie Ladies







This is the booth to go to first. As you can see from the empty boxes, the lavender goes fast
































And, yes… can buy lavender for your garden



The lavender booth-can you smell it?










Love the lavender petticoats















Not just Lavender plants


You can take a break and listen to music in the park right off the square










And on the way back home, a stop at Pink Tractor Farms for the best Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream and a walk in the lavender



One last chance to get a lavender goodie






























I forgot to mention there are speakers at the fest


Lavender Festival, Blanco- thru 6/10

Cody Canada, Bertram-Globe Theater,6/15

Adult Soap Box Derby, Marble Falls,6/15-6/17

Johnny Bush, Anhalt Hall-Spring Branch, 6/16










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