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Nov 2, 2013 by

Just like it’s hard to think about putting on wool sweaters when it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s a challenge to get that fall vibe in your house when the weather is just plain hot.  Try putting out fall fragrances and potpourri.   As you know, smells trigger something in us that can take us to other places—like somewhere where the leaves are turning and people are wearing jackets.  I’ve discovered those room fragrance plug-ins (I know, they are so tacky, but just camouflage it).  You can get them at the local grocery and they come in great seasonal scents.  Right now, I’m using the one that has a cinnamon-nutmeg smell.  I discovered them when I was on an antique junket and usually the shops can get a little musty smell.  I went into one that smelled like lavender and the store owner showed the wall fragrance plug to me.  And little things like using fall colored cocktail napkins and seasonal kitchen utensils can help provide a change inside-even when it’s hot outside.IMG_1655IMG_1655




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