Finally the big day is here

Nov 2, 2013 by

You’ve packed the right clothing, camping gear, bedding, and prescription meds.  You’ve gone to the grocery store and gotten enough food for every culinary whim.  You haven’t slept for three nights because you are so excited and finally…finally the big day is here.  Are you shipping your kids off to camp?  No, no- it’s the first weekend of hunting season and you are going to be in your house alone with your pet and the remote control.  It’s a real push to look like you “just don’t know what you’re going to do while he’s gone”  as you are waving good-bye.  And as the ATV truck (that cost more than a luxury sedan) pulls out of the drive (at last), you are already anticipating the facial, lunch with fellow hunting widows (remember when mommies would get together on the first day of school?), watching my favorite cooking show, pouring a glass of wine, and  renting that chick flick on the Apple box.  This really is a win-win for everyone. Totally. Because, sometimes, the best vacations are the ones at home.  Alone.  Let’s hear it for the Stay-Cay !!!




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