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First thing to do is get your testicle tickets

Do not attempt to adjust your screen, there is nothing wrong with your computer and your vision is just fine.  You read it correctly-T-E-S-T-I-C-L-E festival.  I had heard about the Castell Testicle Festival for years—but it was kinda like hearing about Big Foot.  You hear people talking about it, but is it really true?  So Dennis and I set out on a fact finding road trip.  We knew where Castell was, we’d go by it on the country road that goes to Hill Top Cafe.  It’s a beautiful, typical hill country road that winds through farming country and the weather was slightly overcast so the heat was bearable (even tho it was still May on the calendar, our Texas summer had started with temperatures already in the nineties).  So, we get to the town of Castell and squeeze Dennis’ bring out of the store room, special occasion truck into a parallel parking spot on the highway.  It takes several tries to assure Dennis no one will clip his baby when they drive by the crowded little farm to market road.  Anyway, we get out and walk to the hub of Castell, the Castell General Store-as one review on Facebook says “the coolest place in Castell—-oh, yeah-the only place in Castell”.  We peruse the inside of the store, order a beer and I ponder would I really wear that teeshirt with Castell Testical Festival on the front.  Definitely, a conversation starter, but, would have to think about it.  We walked outside and found our friends who had gotten there early (they had been before) and saw a line had already started forming for the fried testicals.  A band was playing country rock music befitting for this ever growing in

Second thing you do is get a cold beer

popularity, annual event.  I really wanted to say hello to the owner of the store and founder of the festival, Randy Leifeste, as I had met

him years ago at a Horseshoe Bay party where I remember another guest was a bull rider, SHE was a bull rider.  SHE.  It was a pretty interesting party, needless to say.  Anyway, back to Castell and looking for Randy.  I was told look for a man dressed in green and wearing a rubber chicken around his neck—-doesn’t every host?  I guess that pretty well sums up Castell and the Testical Festival.  If you want to go, I suggest you go next year.  I have a feeling it’s going to start being like Fredericksburg and Marfa are—-a place to be and be seen.  I promise……….you’ll have a ball.

Can you believer people actually stand in line for testicles! It’s just nuts!


Fryin’ up some testicles













Never a dull moment at a testicle festival

They come by the truckloads


I’ve seen stranger things happen



A great addition to any wardrobe


Radney Foster-Uptown Art House, Marble Falls-6/1

Seaquist House Tour, Mason-6/2

Llano Rodeo Parade-6/2

Lavender Festival-Blanco-6/8


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