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Doo Da.  Doo Da……………..I rented a box for the last weekend of the Fredericksburg horse races.  I know it sounds extravagant with visions of Saratoga or The Kentucky Derby……….ummmm, it’s not quite like that.  I’ve never been to Saratoga or The Derby, but, are you able to walk through hand stitched quilts or pickled beets on your way to the stands?  How about made from scratch Snickerdoodles or prize winning chickens?  It just so happened it was also the county fair when we went to the Fredericksburg horse races last Sunday and I’ll trade a fancy Derby hat for a first place chocolate cake any day of the week.  To start the day off, we all met at Nury’s for brunch.  (Doesn’t a great day always start with brunch?)  Then, off to the track we went, taking Hwy 16 toward Kerrville.  The weather had cooled… was only 101 degrees.  Hey, it’s August in Texas…..buck up.  I had been, years ago, to the races……….nothing had changed.  The same covered stands and probably the same people in the crowd – only difference a newly added generation.  The gates opened at 11am and post time was 1pm.  We got our programs and placed bets and watched the trumpeter signal the race was about to start.  The stands weren’t full, but, you’d never know by the cheering going on.  These were the die hards, not like the sissy ones in the air conditioned paramutual betting barn.  No sir.  We were in it to win it and enjoy the (ahem) ambiance.  Of all our betting, only Billy had a winning bet.  Suddenly, the heat didn’t bother him as much.  As for me, I bet my money on the bob-tailed nag,  somebody else must have bet on the grey.  I was not a winner, but, a fun day was had by all……………….Heaven’s above, we all know, there are tons of reasons to go to Fredericksburg—but be daring…….get off Main Street.  See the real Fredericksburg, the one that’s been around for years.  Have a Norman Rockwell kind of day…….see the Texas Hill Country and Americana at it’s best.

PS—another blog will follow about The Fair.  BTW, it’s the oldest county fair in Texas.


You know you’re close

We beat the crowd











Betting 101




Hey, it’s Fredericksburg










Let the games begin




Mr. Ellebracht has been checking in box seat tickets for over 20 years







The crowd hugs the rail to review the horses






And they’re off

Of course, every horse race is broadcasted.

We have a winner!



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