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There used to be a Kinky Friedman song called “Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed” (I kid you not).  Obviously, that’s when people still had a sense of humor.  Now, I’m telling you to get your buns to Blanco to The Bean and Biscuit on the square.  I discovered it on the way back from Corpus when I wanted to pick up the lavender cocktail syrup they sell at Leather and Lavender-you know it’s the stuff they make Lavender Lizzies during the Blanco Lavender Festival every year-which has to be on your Texas Hill Country bucket list.  Anyway, I saw the Bean and Biscuit sign and decided to dash in and grab something to eat.   What a find!  First of all, the pastries are dazzling and the menu of fresh items is extensive.  I ordered pot pies and tomato soup to go and it was a tuff choice—I wanted everything.  While I was waiting for my order, I decided I had to do a taste test on the cherry turnover.  Deelicious.  I can’t wait to go back with girl friends and enjoy lunch then putz around Blanco.  Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite and stir your curiosity.                                                                             


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