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A few weeks ago, some friends got together and went bowling at the High 5 in Lakeway.  For you foreigners,  Lakeway is a nice, little suburb of Austin…….Texas, of course (still considered part of the hill country).  It had been years since any of us had bowled and my personal memory had something to do with a gutter ball.  No matter, we were all up for a challenge and agreed what a fantastic way to spend a hot afternoon in the dog days of summer.  We

Celebrations Limousine Service can get you there—even in a Hummer!

all piled into a limo, after having a celebratory birthday toast—it just happened to be my birthday.  The drive from Marble Falls took about an hour.  In the old days, when one could responsibly have a drink in the car, we would say it was a cocktail away.  Because of a hired driver, today, it was a bottle of wine away for the future alley cats.  We pulled up to the game complex, walked past the kids and climbed the stairs to the adult lanes and bar area.  After our tutorial of how to record your scores for all the world to see, (no more using a pencil and making slashes and x’s), we picked our weapons of choice from a myriad of colors.  Gone are the tacky black balls. The bowling shoes, so uber cool, looked like they just walked off a fashion runway.  We divided into two teams and. proceeded to throw, drop, and occasionally get a ball to roll in the middle of the alley and knock some pins down.  All the while, we were sipping Proceseco and nibbling Bruschetta.  Yes, bowling has changed.  Even tho, some of us had to schedule emergency massages the next day, we all decided it was one of the funnest times we had in a long time ………and we’d do it again.  You should, too!       To cap the evening off, we meandered back through Lakeway and had dinner at Canyon Grill at Rough Hollow.

The upstairs, adult area at High 5 is not the bowling you remember.

It’s a fun spot on the lake with an upscale resort vibe, a great place for having a cocktail and watching the sun set.  They even have a boat menu if you’re having a day on Lake Travis.  Just call ahead and it will be ready.  It’s a well kept secret in this part of the hill country and only about thirty minutes from Marble Falls, which brings me to the ending of our day…………After, we got back home, we had birthday cake (from Cupcake Chateau–a hill country find for all your confectionery needs, including wedding cakes.  Contact on Facebook) and one last birthday toast.  It was a fun day……………….It was a reeeeeeely fun birthday!

The Grill is a destination dining spot on Lake Travis.

High 5 contact info:

Jordan Larue

Event Coordinator

512-710-2695 or


Here’s contact info for Canyon Grill:

103 Yacht Club Cove.     512-261-3444



For limousine service in the area:





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