Gimme some of that Sha-Nel pahrfume, pleeeze….

Feb 1, 2014 by

Gimme some of that Sha-Nel pahrfume, pleeeze….

hbz-lanvin-lahn-vahn-smI’ve always wanted to learn another language.  I speak a little Spanish.  Mostly what I call kitchen Spanish but I still remember two sentences from second grade.  El burro sabe mas quy tu and La tierra del burro.  Hey, I didn’t say I remembered how to spell it.  Then, after living in a very Norwegian community I picked up a few Nordic terms-mostly names of cookies.  Oh, and Das ist alles—that is all, no really, that’s all.  When I picked up my car at the factory in Germany and drove it around Europe, I learned some colorful words to use on the Autobahn.  Though, I found there is one particular word that seems to be universal and it usually comes with a universal hand gesture.  At this point, you are probably aware I spell foe-net-ick-cul-lee so please excuse the misspellings of the afore mentioned foreign languages.  And of course, there is the language that may be considered foreign to some—Texan.  Unfortunately, it is deminishing with all those immigrants moving in from California and New York that are mudding up the mother language.  But, there is a new language that I have seen bits and pieces of that you may find interesting.  It is the language of high fashion.  I’m sure you ask yourself daily what the real pronunciation of Lanvin is and how do you correctly pronounce Hermes so you can ask where the closest boutique is that one can spend $16,000.00 on a handbag.  Well, if you really want to be tray cool, Rosie Reeves, Harper’s Bazaar, has a remedial cheat sheet to help you correctly pronounce some hoat- ko- tour words.

PS-writting this has just made me remember some of the botched times I thought I was speaking correct Spanish and clearly I was not.  Like the time I would drop off Consuela, thinking I was saying “see you next Thursday” and what I was actually saying was “until the egg”.  She always had a weird look on her face when she would bolt out of the car……

PSS-Hey, Scharleen—If you can’t get enough of those fancy-schmancy words, here is Part Duhyou.  It’ll come in handy at fashion week.  And don’t forget to add your name to the email list in the upper right corner.

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