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We’re going!

It was a toss up whether we’d go.  A–it was an hour drive going.  B–Denny was on crutches.  C–It would be crowded.  And, D–It was an hour drive back, at night, on Hwy 1431.  The plan was to go see Hall and Oates, grab a bite on the way and get back home.  I googled places to eat around the HEB Center in Cedar Park and came up with a place called Blue Corn Harvest, sounded yummy, “farm to table” and ratings were very good.  I called for a 5:30 reservation-we needed to be at the arena at 7:30.  Game on.  I checked the navigator ap and it told us to leave at 4:30.  (How did we get out the door without those things?). For you foreigners (as in Dallas and Houston), Highway 1431 is a lovely, winding road between Marble Falls and the north part of Austin, via Lago Vista and Cedar Park.  You do NOT take that road if you are in a hurry-it’s a one lane and if you get behind a slow moving vehicle, you are stuck.  But, it’s one of the last country roads in the area that has little commercial development—-biker’s love it.

Ribeye enchiladas —and you can tell the margarita was good!

So, off we go.  We finally found the restaurant (here’s a little hint, put the address correctly in your navigator) and were shocked at the crowd at 5:30.  I dropped Denny off and was so glad we had reservations.  It was packed, but were seated instantly.  What a find!  I can’t say enough about the wait staff.  Here’s an example.  Our waiter was putting a highly, overloaded tray down and one of the plates slid off.  Before the plate hit the floor (maybe a little exaggeration), there was one person with a broom and mop and one of those yellow signs that says caution.  Another person was there asking the table if everyone was alright and the replacement order would be out shortly.  Just bam, bam, bam.  The last time I had seen such an immediate chain reaction was years ago in Las Vegas (at The Sands, that’s how long, ago, it was) when the friend next to me “accidentally” fell off his chair and lay sprawled on the floor and I saw the dealer, without even turning his head, look to the pit boss…..the pit boss just nodded to someone and in seconds my friend was in the elevator, being carried up to his room for a nippy-nap.  Anyway, the point is, Blue Corn Harvest has a well trained staff.  But, you ask, what about the food?   The ground rib-eye enchilada was delicious along with the black beans and rice (like my housekeeper from Belize used to cook, I.E.-muy authentica) were delicious.  Denny said his pork chop was also great.  And of course, the litmus test is always the margaritas.  Muy, mooeee good.   I could have called it a night and been happy.  But, there was much more to do.  The restaurant was perfect for scooting in the back way to the HEB Center.  We quickly got to the venue, told the parking attendant that

Saint Lori Yuja helping the injured.

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

we had incoming injured and were able to pull up to the door and park.  (This reminds me of when I had a broken foot and friends brought food and Denny asked if I could break the other one.)  You know, I can’t say enough about the support at the HEB Center.  Lori Yuja jockeyed Dennis around in a wheel chair and helped get him relocated to an aisle seat on the floor.  At that point, we thought we would just be enduring the opening band, even tho a well versed music friend told us St. Paul and the Broken Bones was fabulous.  He was soooooooo right.  We had no idea who they were (we’ve GOT to get out more) and certainly didn’t know they had been on all the late night TV shows.  Well, they were incredible…..just incredible.  Kind of an Otis Redding vibe and, obviously, a huge following.  The crowd went bananas.  Hall and Oates had a tuff act to follow.  They did not disappoint.  Hit after hit, the multi age, multi cultural crowd sang along with all their songs.  And, unlike some of the seasoned bands, H&O can still hit their notes.


So, what another fun night in the Texas Hill Country!  And what a find…….a new band to follow and an great restaurant to return to.  I’m thinking I’ll try the bloody at their weekend brunch…………

Note:  When you go to the HEB Center, be sure to bring a jacket-especially if you have seats on the floor.  You’re only a few inches above their ice hockey pad and it’s cold.



Dwight Yoakam—9/29, Nutty Brown Cafe, Austin

Old Yeller Days—9/30, Mason

Hill Country Community Theater—Senior Moments, thru 10/8, Cottonwood Shores

Wild Game Dinner & Dance—10/7, Johnson City



Time2Eat on Main—Marble Falls (lunch hour gets busy, go early or later)


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