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A real girly girl lunch

A real girly girl lunch of soup and sandwiches!

I’m really getting into easy, convenient food.  I’m not ready to give up taste, tho.  That’s why I’m mucho liking the Panera soup I happened to pick up at HEB.  We  have tried the broccoli-cheese and gave it two thumbs up.  It’s the closest thing to a homemade taste I’ve had–no funny after taste.  I was soooo glad I had a carton of the lobster bisque in the frig when some friends called to say they were on a bluebonnet tour and wanted me to meet them for lunch at The Bluebonnet Cafe.  I quickly invited them to come on up the hill and have lunch here.  See what (thankfully) I had on hand to put together a delightful spring luncheon.  What a great excuse to get out the wildflower china!  We love out Texas Blues!

Random things in the frog

Random things in the frig

Pickles from Tea Licious in Burnet!

Pickles from Tea Licious in Burnet, Texas

Do let me know if you try the Panera soup and drop in Tea Licious of a jar for pickles when you’re in Burnet.  And most important, add your name to the email list in the upper right corner!

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