Hotel Settles

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Hotel Settles

I know, I know……’re saying “Big Spring is NOT in the Texas Hill Country!” Duh. For you foreign readers, I’d advise you to google it and see just how “not in the hill country” it reeely is. For us, Big Spring is a perfect stop when we’re going up to Santa Fe or in this case, coming back from Sedona. West Texas has always been in my DNA with a Mother growing up on a ranch outside of Snyder. I’ve heard relatives talk about Big Spring for years. Lately, when someone has mentioned Big Spring, it’s been because of Hotel Settles…..or the refurbishing of Hotel Settles. So this time, we routed our trip to go through Big Spring and not the usual path through Lubbock. It was a Sunday and we had to drive like a bat to get there before the 2pm closing. It was worth the speeding ticket. What an oasis in an otherwise barren part of the world. (Now, you friends in BS, don’t get your dander up. We know some of the funnest people on the planet are from BS—and you know who I’m talking about.). But, back to the hotel….the beautiful hotel. You can see it for miles because it’s so flat out there and there’s nothing to block the view. The facade is that brick which is so indicative of West Texas…in fact, my Grandmother’s “town house”, in Snyder, was built of that very same colored brick. Ohhhh, those childhood West Texas memories of going there during the summer. I can still remember the smell of the water sprinkler’s droplets on the parched flowerbeds and lawn……..and the hum of the huge “swamp” cooler in the window. But, again, I digress…..back to the hotel. After you go through two sets of doors with polished brass handles, you walk into the lobby and immediately see the grand staircase……the kind where Leonardo DiCaprio would extend his hand as you take the first step. To the left is the dining room, which thankfully, we were able to eat a meal—probably not indicative of other culinary hot spots in the area. The salads were very fresh, with a farm to table taste, and the chicken fried steak did not have the prerequisite gristles. An indication that Chef David Bull, out of Austin’s La Corsha management team, keeps long distance tabs and quality control on the restaurant. After our lunch, I walked around and saw the outdoor pool, which I’m sure is a welcome spot on those hot as blue blazes days in West Texas. Upstairs, the baby grand piano sat quietly—as did the grand ball room . I thought, if only those walls could talk. You can look at the vintage pictures on the walls and inject your own fantasies of times gone by. Can you tell, I just loved Hotel Settles? Not only is it a great pit stop, but would be a great destination to experience the flavor of a Texas region. I’d love to get some people together and have a theme party there. Gatsby? Halloween? Texas Independence? I know, I know………reel it in, Dj. Reel it in.

Ohhhh, if these walls could talk. Some of the most entertaining stories have originated in West Texas—wish I could share them
Be sure to request Brenda for your server
Not your run of the mill road trip menu
Now, that’s how you do a chicken fried steak
Great place to cool off in that West Texas heat
One more shot of the imperial staircase
The grand lobby or as I called it, a movie set
If you spend the night, you can walk across the street and enjoy the Big Spring night life

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