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Okay.  Fat Tuesday was March 4th.  Easter is April 20th.  Today is Sunday, March 16th.  I have 34 days till Easter.  Thirrrrrtee four daaaaaays.  Usually, I give up licorice for lent.  I hate licorice so it was pretty easy.  This year I found myself giving up red meat and alcohol.  Truth be known, I had already axed them but it sounds really saintly to say I gave them up for lent.  The red meat has not been a big deal, but the alcohol has really been a pain.  Not that I have a problem (10 signs you may have a drinking problem), but I do miss that occasional glass of wine with a meal and I really miss a good margarita.  I had recently been experimenting with pomegranate and watermelon recipes and also found a pretty darn good pre-mix bottle.  How conveeeeenient.  Funny, I never missed the licorice, but as stated earlier, I reeeeely do miss margaritas.  So at this point, I ask myself why?  Why am I doing something that is annoying?  What’s the purpose?  Of course, I know lent is the commemoration of Jesus fasting in the desert before beginning his public teachings (quick lent primer) but since I’m not going on the evangelical circuit, do I need to do this?  A question unanswered-untill last night.  After we played golf, we went into town and grabbed a quick bite at R Bar.  As we were walking in, Dennis said, “You know you’re loosing weight.  Your face is thinner and ….”.  I immediately looked into the Marble Theater window and saw my reflection.  It was tuff to tell under all those golf layers, but I knew he was right.  That’s when it came to me.  It wasn’t about the sacrifice, it’s about the results.  To me, I repeat, to me it’s not about the giving up or declaring I’m  being a saint—-that’s all superficial outside stuff.  It’s what’s going on inside that produces outside results.  THAT’S what’s important.  Isn’t that really what Jesus was about?  He never was about the lip service, he was always about the results.  Now, I may never eat red meat again, but I promise you I’m going to have another margarita—probably in 34 days!  In the days after, I hope I’m still remembering that reflective moment of lent and the joy of experiencing something that brings me closer to God…  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   22-most-inspiring-quotes-on-generosity_2

P.S. Richard Rohr has wonderful daily meditations if you want to keep the lent party going.  He’s a really cool, gifted clergyman that brings the Word to life.   I’d love to visit his Santa Fe headquarters.

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