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Yes, I finally stopped at the Hye Market.  Like you, I had driven by it for years—-and I mean years, as in since the seventies on my way to Kerrville.  To me, it was always a place that caused you to step off the gas pedal and slow down for a couple of miles, then kick it up as soon as you cleared the spot in the road.  But, that store facade has always been picturesque.  If I was a painter, I’d put it on a bucket list to paint.  But, back to pulling over……….for some reason on that particular day, I pulled the car over, saw the sign that said no parking and inched up to a place I thought would be safe.  I got out, went in the post office and walked into a big room with tables where I did a quick looksie.  I walked out and for a moment thought that’s all there is to the place.  I sat down in one of the rockers and looked to the left towards Fredericksburg, then back to the right towards Johnson City.  It reminded me of the Bob Seger song which he says, “I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide.”  As I was walking back to the car, I happened to look inside another door.  Thank goodness, because that’s where the heart of the store is.  I ventured in and was greeted by Zach Church who billed himself as the bartender.  Zach is the perfect front man, you immediately like the guy.  He tells me all about the place-how his brother, Matt, is the chef and what the new owner, Jason Cook, plans to do.  I treat myself to an apple tart from the vintage case, which blended with the rest of the room.  It’s a room which decorators for new restaurants try to copy, but, never do.  Only time can put that patina on the floor, walls, and furniture.   I’m sorry I couldn’t sit down and enjoy a beer, soak it all in and visit with Zach who grew up in the area.  In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “All beeee bach“.  I hope they’ll let me know when they have fun things coming up.  I’ll be sure to let you know!

Check out the punched tin ceiling.  BTW, the whole place would be great for a movie or commercial location.










Play checkers, sip a beer, and watch the cars go by on 290


Hope you’re thirsty—tons of craft beers











Mi amigo, Zach.  Tell him Dj said Oh-Lah!

Place your order here or call ahead for a to go order-perfect for those picnics at a vineyard down the road.  Click here for the menu.

The side porch catches the breeze and the parking lot in the back is a great place to park your Harley when you’re on that Texas Hill Country bike ride



You know to click on the highlights!



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