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And, it’s called La Jolla.  Yes, I have been to the mountain top.  It certainly wasn’t my first time to be there, but

The bar food at the hotel was delicious.

The bar food at the hotel was delicious.

every time I go, it just gets better and better.  There’s no such thing as a bad trip to southern California.  You’ll probably be reading a lot of posts about this last trip, but for now, I’m just gonna concentrate on the food.  OMG, how can it be sooo fabulous?  I know, everything is fresh.  Everything.  I did not see one Sysco truck—they probably are outlawed.  I bet they stop them at the state line.  And there are so many choices of divine places to eat….and so little time.  Before the trip, I did tons of research.  Trip Advisor, Zagat, etc.  The pressure was on because it was my turn to plan a couples trip.  Janey had done a superb job of planning our last trip to Switzerland and I had to step up to the plate.  (Granted, she did have the advantage of going there so many times, she practically had dual citizenship).  Anyway, after deciding on the area we wanted to go and choosing a hotel that was centrally located (The Grand Colonial), the food was a very important part of the trip.  I had my work cut out for me.  The choices were endless, one great restaurant right after the other.  I decided just having delicious food could not be the measuring point.  We can get exceptional cuisine in Austin.  No, my litmus test would be atmosphere——and coastal views.  After all, when in Rome…..I decided Chart House, George’s Ocean Terrace, A. R. Valentein, and Bertrand at Mister A’s were not to be missed for dinners.  And of course, The Marine Room.  Brockton Villa and The Cottage were sure things for brunch—-and of course “The Del“.  Here are a few pictures of our gastronomic stops.

Dessert at The Marine Room----as close to the water as you can get without getting wet!

Dessert at The Marine Room—-as close to the water as you can get without getting wet!


Ricotta pancakes at A. R. Valentien before golf at Torrey Pines. It’s really tuff going back to Aunt Jemima.

It's good to be queen!

It’s good to be queen!


You’ve got to have the coast toast at Brockton Villa!



BTW, click here for the A. R. Valentein lemon ricotta pancake recipe.


Coast toast

Coast toast

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