“I love the early morning—I just wish I could wake up and enjoy it.”-DJ

Nov 2, 2013 by

I’m the first one up, I’ve let the dog out, the coffee is grinding, I’ve walked outside and picked up the paper, I’ve poured the fresh coffee in my Mother’s china cup, I sit in a comfy chair that faces east so I can watch the sun come up, I have my quiet time and then go through e-mails and blogs.  To me, that is the perfect way to start my day.  Why can’t I do that every day?  Why is it so hard to be consistent doing something that makes such a difference in how the rest of my day goes?  I now know why my Mother told us Jack Frost would nip our toes if we got out of bed too early.  Obviously, she wanted a nice, quiet start to her day and gird her loins before the real world began. How do you start your day?  Please share any tips that I can pass along.


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