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mmmmmmaybe not.  Things could bee serious.  The little darlings are dropping like flies—not that you could ever compare the two.  My interest in bees began when I used to go to Pearl Lakes Trout Club in Colorado where all the log cabins are set along a series of lakes (thus the pearl name) and as the head of the fish and game department in Colorado called it “the best fishing in Colorado”.  Anyway, the woman who owned the cabin next to us was Mrs. Haefeli.  Mrs. Haefeli’s family owned a bee business in Del Norte which was a stop we made on the way up every summer.  Fast forward to 2014.  Now, at this season in my life, I have another connection with bees.  Dennis’ sister-in-law and my “sister from

I beelieve that's me on the right

I beelieve that’s me on the right at the Marble Falls bee class

another Mother”, Mary Ann, has a brother who is in the bee business and trucks bees from Colorado to California to pollinate plants.  BTW, it’s a curse to know someone so closely linked to the bee business.  Everything I give her has a bee on it.  I can’t look at a bee without thinking of her.  Help me, there’s got to be a 12 step program for this.  Sorry, back to the story at hand.  So bees have been in and out of my life.  What a good analogy, just like some of the people—some honey, some stingers.  Anyway, a few years ago, I took a bee class in Marble Falls.  We met in someone’s house (for the life of me, I can’t remember her name–if you are a local reader and know it, please e-mail me). We brought nibbles and watched a documentary on the fascinating life of bees.  We got hands on information and visited with area bee keepers.   Fast forward to a couple of weeks

No, it's not the beeginning of shooting OUTBREAK.  It was bee class at Round Rock.

No, it’s not the beeginning of shooting OUTBREAK. It was bee class at Round Rock.

ago when Dennis and I took a bee class in Round Rock.  This class was in a warehouse and after a sharing of information, we donned bee suits and went to real, honest to goodness hives.  I wish they would have talked more about the bottling process and how that huge machine worked.  But here was my take away.  There is no legal definition of “local” honey so don’t think you are getting that cure for allergies when you fall for that label that says local.  And, there is no government control—I know, good news-bad news.  The down side is anybody can import honey from let’s say China and slap a “local” sticker on it and sell it.  There is no truth and disclosure.  All the more important to seek out your area beekeepers and buy honey where you can see the source.  And, have you noticed the groundswell of new bee keepers?  Take for instance, my friend Phil in the Fredericksburg area.  He has jumped in the bee keeper pool along with others in his neck of the woods.  They’re not alone.  Tons of people from all walks of life and all over the country are banding together and saving the bees.  (For some reason I feel the need to listen to Tina Turner’s Thunderdome)  You need to thank them because they are not just saving those beautiful blooms that you see from your 72 degree room but hopefully are helping to prevent a collapse of our food chain.  I’m not joking.  Watch this film to see what a horrific chain of events will happen if we loose our bees.  Not to mention, they are just fascinating little creatures and quite intelligent.  In the mean time, what can you do if your not going to bee a hive landlord?  Buy honey (it’s so good for you) and it’s such a healthy alternative to sugar—much less sugar substitutes.  Yuck!  Ask questions where exactly is that honey from.  Tell your grocer you want locally produced honey.  Bee proactive.  And most importantly—bee sweet.  Make sure you’re the honey and not the stinger.  Bee seein ya…………

Goodies for Mary Ann

Goodies for Mary Ann

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P.S.-If you’re not sold on the bee crisis, check out this issue of Time—as in cover story.

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