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If your Spanish is at least so-so, or if you’re familiar with the correct pronunciation of a certain West Texas winery, you will catch the muy clever title.   It would sound like “YahNo What I’m talking about?”  And, I’m talking about Llano—another pearl in the Texas Hill Country.  It’s a little town on the YahNo River that most people associate with a very famous bar-b-que place or if you’re a hunter, you know it as “the deer capital of the world“.  But, if you’ve been to Llano recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed a new little umph—a little more pizazz.  I’ve always thought the berg had great bones—wonderful old buildings around a picturesque square with a court house which easily could be a backdrop for a movie……Now, there’s a reason to stop, park on the square, and walk around.  Denny and I did that a few days ago.  It was almost closing time and we had to play beat the clock because we were meeting friends at Badu 1891.  So this day would be like a Grey Line Tour—hit the highlights and definitely return for a longer length of time and bring girlfriends to shop, have lunch and look at the wonderful old homes sprinkled around the town that are begging to be loved and rejuvenated……..Llano is like a lucious fruit on a tree that is ripening right before our very eyes–ready to be picked and enjoyed.  It’s going to be a great new place to be—for the day, a weekend, or longer! I really think it’s one of the last spots in the hill country that’ll you’ll be able to say, “I remember Llano when ………….”  But, you better hurry……..Austin is getting closer and closer!   Do put it on your Texas Hill Country Bucket List and click here for upcoming events.


Texana Outfitters was my first stop of the day

Just a fabulous historic court house that anchors the square








See Brenda, at Luna Blue, for boutique finds



Next time, I’ll stop for coffee at Fuel




Can’t wait to get back and shop at Melissa Zangerl’s cute clothing store, Trendz



Get your arts and crafts fix at Calamity & Grace


Local quilt and fiber artist, Kathy Kennedy (L) and Valerie Smasal, owner of Calamity & Grace, visit about the upcoming White Linen Night, on August 24th, for the monthly art walk











That’s Briley Mitchell, Executive Director of Llano Chamber of Commerce, telling me about the THANK YOU EVENT honoring Llano County Volunteer Fire Department, August 14th.

The Women’s Culture Club- one of many interesting, old homes in Llano.



The Lan-Tex Theater is a landmark. Doug Kershaw played there this weekend.

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