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It’s my new favorite store in downtown Marble Falls and you’ve got to go.  Just look for the most colorful storefront on Main Street—you can’t miss MS LOLLIPOP PARTIES FUN & GIFTS.  I could go on and on about the memories you’ll get when you see the vintage candies—-just like the ones you used to buy at the Sugar Shack in grade school.  And, be sure to look at all the old time gag gifts—does it get any better than the old auto exhaust whistle?  Or, the money snatcher………..that’s when it was worth your effort to bend down and grab that dollar bill on the ground, only to have it jerked away on an invisible string by some knucklehead at the end of it……….Ahhhhhhh, those were the days.  Happy days.  Ms Lollipop also has costumes for rent and tons of other fun stuff.  If you time it right, you just might see the owner, Cheryl Westerman, in her Lollipop clown get-up.  BTW, Ms Lollipop will also come entertain the kiddies at the memorable birthday party you’re gonna give.  Or, get her to come for the summer get together when all the grandchildren are at Camp Mimi’s.  And, I bet she could send the cutest camp care package that’s ever arrived at summer camp.  In the mean time, you’ve just got to go, you don’t even need to wait for kids or grand kids to come visit.  MS LOLLIPOP PARTIES FUN & GIFTS will bring out the kid in you.  Just look at these fun pictures while you listen to the fifties classic song…………..

Nostalgia games would be fun for game night.

Cheryl Westerman is in there somewhere!



Come on…..they’re still funny as heck!

Ohhhh, the memories the candies will bring back!

Remember when there was a good cigarette?

No need to drive to Austin for that party costume.

Here’s Ms Lollopop at the 2019 Soap Box Derby–she’s a great ambassador for Marble Falls.


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