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Deby, Thomas Michael, and me in a Luckenbach sandwich

Remember Luckenbach?  Years ago, it was on everybody’s radar—you know, Willy and Waylon and the boys.  People were making pilgrimages to the spot in the road wearing their best interpretations of denim chic.  When I first went in the seventies, you couldn’t walk through the line of Harleys without the fragrance of cannabis quaffing in the air.  Now, cushy Gold Wings are lined up.  And denim is being edged out by speedos being worn by bikers who have peddled the beautiful hill country back roads to get to the place where everybody is somebody.  And, chances are that smell is the latest fragrance from Nordstrom’s.  Oh, but the music……the music is still the Texas sound that put Luckenbach on the map.  Last Sunday, Thomas Michael Riley was performing on the outside stage.  Our friends, James and Deby, had told us about him.  They had first seen him at The Store in Hunt and were so taken with him.  So when Thomas Michael was scheduled to play, we made plans to decided to go.  The day was a gorgeous spring day and even tho we got there early, seats and tables were pretty much filled.  We found a place on a rock wall which turned out to be a great place for listening to the music and people watching.  Oh, the fun of eyeballing the people who looked like they’d put on their favorite outlaw tee shirt, jeans, and flip-flops and, on the other spectrum, those who were dead set on wearing that black leather jacket, black leather pants, black leather boots with matching black leather hat.  And, all of this was free admittance.  A tip jar was passed and an announcement made to pay only what you could afford.  Back to the music, the band was tight and played clever songs including one called Ten toes Up, Ten Toes Down…………..pretty racey, huh!  I guess I just forgot what a glorious day it can be when all the stars line up.  Good friends, good music, and a gorgeous day……..It’s just great to  live in this part of the world.  God bless Texas!

In case you forgot your hat


He’ll shine your boots for a dollar















Even dogs need a photo-op



            THINGS TO DO:

Birding Festival-4/27-4/29, Junction

9th Annual Hill Country Film Festival-Fredericksburg4/26-29

Paint The Town-Marble Falls, 4/29-5/5

 Fun With Chemistry, Science Mill-Johnson City, 5/5

Boerne Underachievers .5K Race-5/5

Colin Gilmore-Texas Heritage House Concert 5/12

Everly Brothers Experience-Brass Hall, Marble Falls,5/25                                                                                                                                                                                                           



T.M. at work






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