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It’s true, sometimes we neglect those we love the most.  Next Avenue has a wonderful article on How To Fall In Love With Your Spouse All Over Again.  But, you may appreciate some helpful hints to jump start the pitter patter in your heart and his.  You can go the rose petals in the bath and pull out the sexy nighty route, but I like these little extras.  Let’s start with setting the mood with a chocolate diffuser. scentaments-diffuser-set-chocolate-truffle-d-20130128140949693~223084 You can have all you want and not gain an ounce.  You may be going out the door to a romantic dinner or you may want to stay in.  Whatever.  Fast forward to the interactive part.  How about a relaxing massage for your sweetie pie?  Daily Makeover has easy step-by-step directions on giving that perfect massage.  Don’t forget the candles and mood music.  Champagne couldn’t hurt.  If you are not jello enough, have a nice hot tub of water (now is the time for petals) and use a body scrub.  There’s one called Double Love Body Scrubdouble-love-body-scrub-with-himalayan-salt-organic-lavender-essential-oils that can add to the program quite nicely.  Annnnd, we fade to black……Morning, already???  How about a stack of Red Velvet Pancakesred-velvet-pancake-mix?  Here is a quick mix to serve in bed with maple syrup and juice.  BTW, have you tried the Whole Foods tangerine juice?  Do.  But, I digress…After a delicious morning after breakfast, why not go for a drive?  If you’re lucky enough to live in the Texas Hill Country, mosey on over to Round Rock.  According to Austin Culturemap, it is on Amazon’s most romantic cities list in America.  Go figure.  They have just built an In and Out there.  Come to think of it, if all the above doesn’t work, nothing says romance like a good burger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake.  Just look longingly across that formica table and give him this.

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