Mitch looks for Santa

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Mitch looks for Santa

Mitch, the dog, decided to look for Santa in the Texas hill country.

His first stop was the Pottery Ranch on the outskirts of

Marble Falls.  He looked around all the yard art and thought

Santa would be at home here!

"Boy, this has Santa written all over it!"

“Boy, this has Santa written all over it!”

Since it was so cold, Mitch decided to have a

cup of coffee at Main Street Coffee.

Mitch couldn't help but feel someone was watching him

Mitch couldn’t help but feel someone was watching him.










He decided to walk up the street and look for clues.  He saw a sign that said The Mews and decided to ask some cats for directions.

"Where are all the Cats?"

“Where are all the Cats?”

Mitch thought a nice cupcake would be good with his coffee so he walked up the street to Cupcake Chateau.  He sat on the steps and wondered if he was getting any closer to seeing Santa.

"Mmmmmm, cupcakes!"

“Mmmmmm, cupcakes!”







Mitch walked back to Main Street and was thrilled when he

finally spotted Santa in the window of Marta Stafford Fine Art Gallery.

But as he got closer, he realized he had been snookered.

"I've been tricked,, that's not the real Santa!"

“I’ve been tricked,, that’s not the real Santa!”

He decided to do a little window shopping and stopped at La-Ti-Da.  He loved the

charm of the old building and decorations in the window.

"I look so good in front of this window!"  La-Ti-Mitch!

“I look so good in front of this window!” La-Ti-Moi”








Mitch remembered his mission and kept walking up the street.

He stopped at it’s all goode! to look up the street in hopes of seeing Santa.

"Santa, where are you?"

“Santa, where are you?”

        Mitch, the dog, would not give up.  He walked on up the street past Marble Falls Flower & Gift Shop

where once again, someone had put another faux Santa in the window.  “I’m not falling for that!”


“Oh, no. I almost fell for it again. But nice bottle tree!”










While walking, something caught Mitch’s eye at The Book Shop.

"Hmmmm, I didn't know I had distant relatives in Marble Falls?"

“Hmmmm, I didn’t know I had distant relatives in Marble Falls”

But Mitch had no time to chat.  He crossed the street (after looking both ways, of course ) and

sat down in front of Smartie Pantz.  “I need to ask for directions.  I wonder who could help?”

"Maybe I'm a little early"

“Maybe I’m a little early”

He walked on down to Fornos On Main and rested on the bench.

"Garlic helps me think!"

“Garlic helps me think!”









Then, it came to him.  “I’ll go to the Visitor Center and ask for help!

Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”  So, off he went.

"Wowzer, what a nice Visitor Center."

“Wowzer, what a nice Visitor Center.”

Mitch wished he had more time to enjoy the nice, new building but he must stick

to the plan. The nice volunteer told him Santa would be at The Walkway of Lights

on Lake Marble Falls.  So, Mitch said “Thank-you” and headed down to the lake.

"So that way to the lake?"

“So that way to the lake?”











Mitch got to the lake as fast as he could only to find he was too early.

 He wondered what the “no pet” sign meant.

"So what does Santa do with     Rudolph?"

“So what does Santa do with Rudolph?”

                                                                                                        ” Well, just as well”, Mitch thought, “I’ve got to be heading home”.  I’ll just have

                                                                                                         to come back another day.”  But Mitch had one more stop to make.  He went to

                                                                                                         The River City Grill and sat on the outside deck over the beautiful lake.

"Has anyone seen a chubby guy in a red velvet suit?"

“Does Santa ever come by boat?”










Mitch got in his car and headed home.  What a nice day in Marble Falls!

"I'll be back, Marble Falls!"

“I’ll be back, Marble Falls!”



click below to see Mitch do the Macareindeer!


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