More bang for the buck…

Jan 6, 2014 by

More bang for the buck…

“Nobody should go broke to have good skin” says Dr. Jaliman in Daily Makeover.  I like how she thinks and I really like the convenience of picking up beauty products at the local Walgreens or even HEB.  Click here to read the article and see the everyday products she recommends.  Why spend a lot of money on department store products when you can get the same results for less money?  Y.M.T.M.L. (You may thank me later!)

FYI-Since writing this life altering report, my friend Sandy told me about a friend of her’s that uses Lava soap for an exfoliator—-on his face!  Twice a day!  Sandy said his face has NO wrinkles and he is well over 60.  I’m going to try it first as a body exfoliator. BTW, I got on the internet and read Lava reviews-I encourage you to do the same1

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