Rules Schmules..

Jan 22, 2014 by

Rules Schmules..

Okay, I admit the pictures of the young, skinny girls don’t go along with my mantra and the woman in rule # 47 probably could take off one accessory (ya think?) BUT most of these rules I’m sure you have already broken.   Some of them will bring back sweet memories of your Mother preaching the gospel of thou shalt not wear patent leather after Labor Day.  I especially thought the one (#33) was interesting about dry cleaning but, you try it first.  To me, the jest of the article is anything goes as long as it is coordinated and polished and worn with confidence.  Why has it taken us sixty years to really get that?  Anyway, click here for the rules to break as seen in Stylecaster written by Perrie Samolin.  Now, get out there and break those rules!

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