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You’ve probably driven right by it.  Or you may, already, know about it.  But, I bet you didn’t know Oli’s, now, has a full bar.  Denny and I were invited, a few weeks ago, to participate in a margarita tasting event to judge possible margaritas to be served at the restaurant. ( I say a few weeks….it was before Denny’s knee replacement surgery.  That’s when our lives came to a dead halt.  You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting!). Anyway, back to Ole’s and the margarita tasting.  It was a job someone had to do and my only response was I may be over qualified.  As I’ve said before, Oli’s is the best Mexican food around and you’d be surprised to hear how far people drive to get good Mexican food.  (Remember the commercial, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”?). Heck, we meet friends there who drive from Fredericksburg.  It’s on Hwy 281 between Johnson City and Marble Falls in Round Mountain.  It would be a great stop when you doing the Trail of Lights during the holidays. Or, in the spring, when you’re on your annual Bluebonnet tour.  In other words, just about anytime you’re in the Texas Hill Country.    It’s yummy TexMex and muy authentic.  Now, the icing on the cake is the addition of a full bar.  WooHoo!  Do go and enjoy the food……and the margaritas or whatever you favorite libation is.  Here are a few pictures from the tasting party……..

Here’s Oli with me. BTW, Oli is short for Olivia. I wore my Juquila blouse for the occasion.

Nibbles for the tastings

This was our class work.


Richard, Oli’s son, expertly poured

What you look for—don’t blink!


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