Dec 20, 2018 by

It had been years since I had been to Comfort so when my friend, Cheryl, suggested going for a day of Christmas shopping and lunch, I said I needed five minutes.  On the way over (it takes about an hour to zig-zag over there) I wondered if the little German town had changed.  For you foreigners, Comfort is  just off I-10 between Kerrville and Boerne and of course, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  It was settled by German immigrants, who we all know, had a knack for picking out the most beautiful land when Texas was “ripe for the pickin'”.    My first memories of Comfort went all the way back to the seventies when we would make the drive from Kerrville and go to a old diner, right by the park with...

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Dec 3, 2018 by

My friend, Georgi, and I had a delightful Sunday afternoon tea in Llano, today.  I know when you hear Llano, you probably think of deer hunting, bar-b-que—–not scones and Devon cream!  The soire was at Virginia and Jack Walker’s Sandstone Street Bed and Breakfast located, oddly enough, on Sandstone Street in downtown Llano just a couple of blocks from the pretty Llano River in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  The weather was so nice, we were served outside on the front lawn. This was the sixth year for the Walker’s to host the event and Georgi and I decided to mark our calendars for next year—you should, too!  By the way, it would be a great venue for a birthday, wedding, Mother/ daughter/ granddaughter retreat, a day of Mahjong, or a slumber party for...

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Nov 23, 2018 by

If you’re anywhere close to Johnson City over the holidays and would like to get a healthy, organic, fresh lunch, you’ll want to eat at LADY BIRD LANE CAFE.  Their menu has lots of variety and my salad was one of the best I’ve had in the Hill Country.  I met my friend for lunch a few days ago and our salads, soup, and sandwiches were delicious—and fresh….really fresh—like Whole Foods kinda fresh.  They also have daily specials and if you’re taking kiddies to the Science Mill (next door), you will love the “Little Scientist” menu.  It’s right off Hwy 290 at the main intersection in downtown Johnson City.  They’re open Wednesday thru Saturday, 10am till 3pm.  Sunday hours are 12pm till 3pm.  In fact, after all the heavy Thanksgiving food, hopping in the car...

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Nov 15, 2018 by

Just 3 days after it’s premier in Houston, TEXAS COTTON had a hill country premier at the historic LanTex Theater in Llano.  (For you foreign readers, Llano is in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.)  Needless to say, it was very exciting to have the cast and crew there and since HOLA HILL COUNTRY had early access, I was able to visit with the director/producer, Tyler Russell.  Louisiana born, Tyler, moved to Austin in 2013 to be more involved in short films, TV shows, music, videos, commercials, and of course, feature films.  It’s going to be fun to watch his career and see what interesting projects he does.  Here are a few pictures of the muy fun night………..                                ...

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Nov 1, 2018 by

    You’ve probably driven right by it.  Or you may, already, know about it.  But, I bet you didn’t know Oli’s, now, has a full bar.  Denny and I were invited, a few weeks ago, to participate in a margarita tasting event to judge possible margaritas to be served at the restaurant. ( I say a few weeks….it was before Denny’s knee replacement surgery.  That’s when our lives came to a dead halt.  You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting!). Anyway, back to Ole’s and the margarita tasting.  It was a job someone had to do and my only response was I may be over qualified.  As I’ve said before, Oli’s is the best Mexican food around and you’d be surprised to hear how far people drive to get good Mexican food.  (Remember...

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Sep 17, 2018 by

  Last week, during the record rains, I had decided to get out of the house.  Cabin fever had set in.  There were no more “projects” left to do.  Closets had been organized, wardrobes had been purged, seasonal dinnerware had been rotated etcetera, etcetera.  I decided to take in Steamboat Bill, Jr. at our muy cool Uptown Art House—you know where Gary P. Nunn just played to a packed house.  It was a perfect afternoon to be in a vintage theater, seeing a vintage movie—the black and white silent film was just about the same monotone color of the outside day.  The only time I had ever been to a silent movie was on Halloween a few years ago.  A friend and I were in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to get tickets to the...

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Sep 1, 2018 by

    Doo Da.  Doo Da……………..I rented a box for the last weekend of the Fredericksburg horse races.  I know it sounds extravagant with visions of Saratoga or The Kentucky Derby……….ummmm, it’s not quite like that.  I’ve never been to Saratoga or The Derby, but, are you able to walk through hand stitched quilts or pickled beets on your way to the stands?  How about made from scratch Snickerdoodles or prize winning chickens?  It just so happened it was also the county fair when we went to the Fredericksburg horse races last Sunday and I’ll trade a fancy Derby hat for a first place chocolate cake any day of the week.  To start the day off, we all met at Nury’s for brunch.  (Doesn’t a great day always start with brunch?)  Then, off to...

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