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You know the saying “Life’s too short to drink bad wine”? I feel the same way about beef…….life is just too short to eat so-so beef. Like some other fine pleasures in life, it’s taken me a while to cultivate a taste for primo beef. Growing up, I never knew there was any other way to eat a steak other than fried and smothered in cream gravy. (I can’t imagine why I got my college freshman 20 in grade school.). Fast forward to Main Street in Marble Falls where Texas Elite Meat is quietly opening an up-scale meat market and soon to be grill. And, it’s is going to be a big addition to our quality of living in the area. When I first met Bert Naumann, the owner, he shared his story about growing up in Waco where he first got the idea to open a high quality meat company. Because Waco real estate had gotten so crazy, thank-you Chip and Joann, he started looking elsewhere. Lucky us. Now, I won’t have to order steaks from Allen Brothers in Chicago who happens to supply the Badu House. (BTW, Bert……you need to make a trip to Llano and start supplying that restaurant with some Texas beef!). Texas Elite Meat steaks are from the Scharbauer Ranch outside of Midland (for you foreigners, that’s way out in West Texas) and has won awards such as World Champion Brisket at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo——–c’mon, can you get any better kudos? Oh, and did I mention the number one steak house in New York City, Daniel, owned by French chef Daniel Boulud, serves Scharbauer Ranch steaks? And, you my dear friend, are able to park you car on Main Street, walk in, point to the prime steak of your choice, take it home and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. You’ll know something is different the moment you put it to the fire or like I do it, pan sear it on all sides (including edges) in a cast iron skillet, then stick it in the oven to finish it off. It’s like that Renee Zelleger line, “You had me at hello”, well, that rib-eye had me at that first sizzle. You immediately notice the aroma of the fine beef. not to mention when you take that first bite. BTW, TEM is getting a commercial grinder so they can do mouthwatering hamburger patties and will even provide all the fixin’s so the only thing you have to do is light up the grill. A web page will be coming soon and in the mean time, the address and phone number are below. You must go and support Texas Elite Meat. It’s just one more reason to love the Texas Hill Country!

Bert always takes time to visit
Can you see the marbling on the steaks?
Chef Daniel Boulud serves Scharbauer Cattle Company steaks at his New York City restaurant—-just like the ones you get at Texas Elite Meat!
Can you get a better endorsement?
My friend, Josette loved the seasonings
More goodies are coming
The address is 204 Main Street, Marble Falls……Texas, of course!


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