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We’re planning a trip next month to Switzerland for the Montreaux Jazz Festival—tres cool, yes?  Hotel is booked and air reservations are made.  Yikes!  There are no good deals in the travel industry and forget first class.  Good gosh, it’s soooo expensive.  Ahhhhh, the days of first class.  I remember traveling on British Caledonian—years ago.  I knew there was something to this first class thing when we sat down and were offered freshly squeezed orange juice in Waterford glasses.  And the freebies were like Christmas presents!  Fast forward now and as I walk back to my coach seat, I look in the faces of the lucky ones that have logged so many grueling hours on business trips or have so much disposable income that they can spend four times the amount of my ticket.  Most of them are nice and return a friendly smile or nod.  Some, tho, have that irritating smug look that almost says I’m going to pull out my designer antibacterial and spray you peons while you grovel past.  At this point, I want to stop in the aisle and say if you’re so cool, why aren’t you on one of those private jets at the other end of the airport?  Which by the way, I’ve had the good fortune to have friends with planes (as in G’s) and it is a muy okay way to travel (talk about friends with benefits!).  As Elmer Fudd would say, “I whiwee wiked it.  A wot.”  And speaking of first class, I ran across an article called “10 Things We Hate About First Class“.  I really loved the one about it messing up your diet.  Really?  Here’s another one called “5 Things I Hate About Domestic First Class” — note #4.  I rest my case.

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