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IMG_1749Discovered 5,000 years ago, olive oil is a natural product with very high nutritional value.  Olive oil is the most compatible topical oil to our human skin.  Olive oil is close in chemical structure to our own skin’s natural oil.  This makes it a wonderful moisturizer which regenerates the skin tissue when used regularly.  Romans bathed in olive oil after battle because it helped heal their wounds.  Today, men and women use it after microdermabrasion treatments, chemo therapy, and the treatment of rosacea, dry ends of hair, cuticles, stretch marks and countless other ways.

Francisca Nichols grew up in Portugal.  Now a resident of Horseshoe Bay, she follows her Grandmother’s recipe that has been passed down to make Azeyte, a totally organic skin moisturizer.  Francisca was so allergic to eye beauty creams, she was forced to revert back to her grandmothers beauty potion.  Friends started requesting bottles after seeing how pretty and soft Francisca’s skin is.  She hopes to add soap and shampoo to her line in the near future, both will be her Grandmother’s recipes.  Her product is hand made locally in individual batches.  Rebecca Trois, of The Trois Estate in Fredericksburg, is so fond of it she decided to put it in her guest cottages. Rebecca said because the oil is infused with orange, lemon and rosemary, it does not have the strong olive oil smell one would expect.  She said her brides (who have chosen The Trois Estate for their destination wedding) especially love the product.

*User tip:  Don’t just smear it on you face, lightly pat in it.

For more information, you may directly contact Francisca Nichols at 1-210-887-1366 or 1-210-807-3330.


Francisca Nichols


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