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Remember the Archies?  They had a cartoon show and a bubble gum hit song called SUGAR,SUGAR.  I loved that song….still do.  As Dick Clark used to say, “has a good beat and fun to dance to!”  There happens to be an art exhibit in Brooklyn, NY by Kara Walker that chronicles the beginning of the sugar industry and trade.  The setting is the old Domino Sugar Factory and the installation is gigantic.  I’d love to go but instead I’ve googled it and read about it on the flat screen of my computer.  An interesting thing about the refining of sugar is the most nutritious element of sugar is removed when it is processed to make it pristine white.  The extracted molasses has all the nutrients and real flavor…  Deep breath.  Man, does that sound familiar?  How many times in my life have I mistakenly removed the most nutritious things, the most nurturing people, to become a bland, refined person?  Sure, there have been those people that have given me that “sugar added boost” and I have, I’m sure, been that kind of a friend to many — that burst of energy that eventually leaves.  A non nutritious boost.  No more.  Hopefully.  Here’s why.  At my age, I am “refining” my friends.  Just as sugar adds sweetness to food, I want to add a sweetness to my life AND to those in my life.  But, I don’t want just the sweet, generic, over processed, granulated powder.   I want the flavor—the color.  I want the molasses!  I want nutritious friendships – that are recipricle.  Agreed?  Why not?  Who would have thought sugar would be a such good analogy and how it ties in, for me, with an art exhibit in New York.  Timing is everything.  I want friends who are really there.  I don’t want them to google me, read all about me —yet, not be present.  At my age, I want a molasses kind of friend.  One that adds a little color, some healthy nutrition and a lot of flavor to my life.  And damn it, be sweet about it.  I’ve found these simple steps to guide you on “how to be a sweet friend“.  Please read them so you can be a sweetie.  Especially to me.   Just as the Archies song says, “Pour a little sugar on me, baby!”

That's me on the right with my friend, Patsy.  Ahhh, the seventies!

That’s me on the right with my friend, Patsy, in Kerrville.  Our friend had chartered a bus to go to the Riverwalk in San Antonio for a night of way too much fun.   Ahhh, the seventies!

PS—if you’ve wondered who is really singing SUGAR, SUGAR click here

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