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When it’s 105 degrees (and above), you’re pretty selective on what activities you do and none of them include getting outside.    So, yesterday was a great day to meet friends in San Antonio and see the latest rotating collection at the San Antonio Museum of Art.  It had been years since I’d been and I had forgotten what an impressive contribution to the arts the museum has made.  The particular exhibit we were seeing that day was SPAIN 500 YEARS OF SPANISH PAINTING FROM THE MUSEUMS OF MADRID.  San Antonio was the only city in the United States to be selected for the showing of works by El Greco, Velazquez, Goya, Sorolla, Picasso and more.  I was especially looking forward to hearing artsy comments from my friend, Cheryl, who is getting national recognition for her oil paintings from places like Jackson Hole and Santa Fe.  But, after a couple of hearings “how the linear lines draw you into the focal point of the picture and yada yada yada”, I remembered the days of snoozing through Art 101 and  decided to venture out on my own… a faster pace.  The paintings were mostly huge and very, very dark.  The condition of the paintings was pristine and I marveled how their pigments could last hundreds of years.  Now, think about it……if color and paint can last that long, what can’t someone make a lipstick that will last through dinner?……..I spotted Cheryl’s husband, Billy, who had taken a bench and sat down beside him.  He told me how many museums he had been “dragged around the world” by his wife.  No matter, we were in a refreshingly cool building and out of the Texas heat.  Dennis and I broke away and took a quick look at some of the permanent exhibits.  The Egyptian, Greek, and Roman displays are well worth the price of the ticket and made me want to go back and plan on spending at least half a day to take it all in.  Denny and I decided when the weather is cooler, we will go back and play tourists……….when the temperature drops……….about forty degrees.

PS—I’m not sure San Antonio is technically in the Texas Hill Country (for you readers who called me on the Marathon article), but, it’s my favorite city in Texas and for you foreigners, if you come to Texas for a visit, you must put San Antonio at the top of your list.

Here is the building you will look for on West Jones Avenue. Free parking is right across the street.


As with any great plan, this one started off with drinks and food. Our choice was brunch at Cappy’s.













I was so surprised it wasn’t crowded

The woman on the left looked just like Joan Baez


What an 18 year old Picasso paints…..what happened?


This Sorolla was so refreshing after all the dark, serious paintings.



My fav—after dinner coffee outside on the terrace. Love how Casas was able to portray the contentment of the man enjoying the effects of dinner….and the woman, quietly letting him!

The museum is located on one of the many San Antonio River Walk boat stops

The antiquities deserve more than a sprint through

TRE Trattoria is right next door to the museum and looks out over the river

The museum is housed in the old Lone Star Brewing Company. Yeee-haw!

Just in case you want to snag a few mementos, there are two gift shops in the museum

There’s still time to go!


Beer By The Bay-8/3, Horseshoe Bay

THE $2 BILLS-8/4,Del Rio Comida Deluxe, Marble Falls

Doug Kershaw-8/4, Llano Country Opry

Giant-8/5-Uptown Art House, Marble Falls

Dale Watson-8/10, The Globe Theater, Bertram

Pat Green-8/11, Haley Nelson Park, Burnet


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