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Nov 4, 2013 by

How do you transition your look into fall when it is 80 degrees outside?  Welcome to Texas weather!  When all of the magazines, blogs, and newsletters are showing sweaters, wools, and coats, we are sitting under the air conditioner in shorts. What’s a girl to do?  What I like to do is use accessories to ease into Fall.  My favorite is a Hermes scarf (I got in Paris years ago) with fall colored leaves that I wear around my neck with a crisp white shirt.  I also like to tie it on a purse.  I’ve even seen scarves tied as bracelets in some of the fashion blogs.  Another idea is to try adding autumn colored jewelry-may be one of those “signature” necklaces or statement earrings that’s so “in”.  Other ways to fall into the season are with nail polish and warmer toned make-up.  Even if it is just a new honey, gold toned lipstick or an earthy colored blush. And how about perfume?  Put away the sweet, florals and go for an earthy, spicy fragrance.  Also, think about going a little darker on the hair color.  Our hair naturally darkens this time of year.  I just heard Ted on “What Not To Wear” say we should change our hair color twice a year.  Click here to check out Zoe Ruderman at showing how she uses scarves in her wardrobe.




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