Texas Monthly & A RANCH

Nov 17, 2019 by

Texas Monthly & A RANCH

Another multi sensory night in the Texas Hill Country when the Texas Cultural Trust and Texas Monthly hosted the Violet Crown Art Exhibition at the Double Heart Ranch, home to newly declared artist and advertising executive, Gay Gaddis. The fall temperature cooperated with an outdoor evening so we could enjoy the Fossil Ridge Creative Center, a tastefully, understated think tank which easily can be a birthing place for any and all art centered projects. Stephanie J. Baker, Executive Director of FRCC, coordinated the evening, including a panel, led by Gay, which gave a brief history of her transition from one of the country’s leading women in the advertising business to renewing her interest and creative juices as an artist. An exciting part of the panel’s discussion was the announcement that Gay was becoming a board member of the Texas Cultural Trust, which already has a whopping powerhouse of a board. What an addition with her “small town values and tenacity” as quoted in the promo for her book, “How To Kick Ass In Business And Life”. By the way, The Texas Cultural Trust was established in 1993 by the Texas Legislative “to provide permanent funding source for the cultural arts in Texas through the Texas Commission On The Arts, which is why guests of the evening were from all genres of the arts—-including film, architecture, dance, music, etc. But, I digress…….back to the ranch….. You must click on and read the history of Double Heart Ranch. I thought I had a bragable Texas lineage, including a card caring member of DRT and Texas Rangers’ Frontier Forces in the family, but the heritage of this ranch is quite fascinating. Then, of course, there was the viewing of Gay Gaddis’ new collection of hill Country paintings entitled Violet Crown. There is a picture on her blog of a Texas sunset which has to be one of her inspirations. The crowd was mostly young uber cool and very Austin smartly dressed. As the sun went down so did the temperature so we said adieu and called it a night. Life is sooooo good in the hill country…………

For a quick snippet of Texas history, read about the Double Heart Ranch
Oscar provided Texas ranch style valet service
Texas monthly’s Tim Taliaferro, Texas Cultural Trust’s Heidi Marquez Smith, and T3 founder author and Artist Gay Gaddis
The ranch gallery where Gay Gaddis’ newest collection, Violet Crown, is exhibited. For you foreign readers, this is an excellent interpretation of Texas sunsets.
The art studio is muy cool
And, doesn’t every party have a s’mores station!!!
Local hill country artist Omar Garza and wife, Julie.
Catching up on local news with Mike Lucksinger and Anita Levens
A quick moment with Heidi Marquez Smith, Texas Cultural Trust Executive Director

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