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There are a lot of buzz words that you don’t want to hear.  For instance, if you’re golfing, the three most hated words to hear are “Your still up”.  If you’re in a restaurant and you hear someone walking through and asking who’s the owner of and describes your car — not good.  Chances are, there’s a new dent in it…..  Lately, as in the past year, quote-of-the-day-If-Id-known-I-was-going-to-live-this-long-I-would-have-taken-better-care-of-myself-Eubie-Blake-300x300I’ve heard three words a just a leeeettle too often.  These words have caused me to shutter and openly glare at the person who said them.  The irony is, I think the person saying them thinks they are complimenting me.  Au contraire, my little chickadee.  What, pray tell, are those horrific words, you ask?   Well, I’ll tell you.  The three words are……… “FOR YOUR AGE”.   There……I’ve said it.  I’ll give you an example.  It wasn’t that long ago, I would hear “You’ve got great skin”  when I would get a facial.  Now, when I’m getting that herbal facial and sipping the citrus infused smart water, the girl says “For your age, you’ve got great skin!”  I just smile and say thank-you and visualize warts on her perky little nose.  Here’s another example, I’ve started going to a new masseuse and she saw my age on the form and told me my muscle response was really good, you guessed it, “for a person your age”.  So this is how it begins,  that downward spiral into the abyss of old age.  And it opens up (I know, grammatically incorrect-but needed for emphasis) a whole, new can of worms.  Now I see articles like “Is that the right hairstyle for your age ?  Or,  “Do you have the correct exercise routine for your age ?  How about “Is your wardrobe appropriate for your age ?  Not that there hasn’t been subtle signs.  I’ve noticed it takes longer to scroll down to my birth year when I’m filling out a form.  And, I now have to jack-up my eyelid to brush on eyeshadow.  Yesterday, when I was lying down to have permanent make-up on my eyebrows done, I held the mirror above my face and noticed how good my chin and jaw line was when gravity was pulling it back toward my throat.  Totally aging-online-website-menu-birthday-ecards-someecardsunlike when I am standing up and the gravity is pulling my chins down toward my collar bone.  And by the way, about that permanent make-up…… word comes to mind—Ouch!  While she was slicing the skin where my eyebrows should be, I couldn’t believe I was paying to have this pain inflicted on me.  Periodically, she would say, “Stop frowning”.  Well, who wouldn’t?  I finally started chanting “Big Girl.  Big Girl. Big Girl.”  It’s like the gynecologist telling you to relax as your knees come together like opposite poles of a magnet.  Yea, right…….So, back to my point— what’s a girl to do?  Yes, through all of this, I still use that term—“girl” to refer to yours truly.  In fact, when I talk about my friends, I still refer to them as “girls”.  And you know…FOR THEIR AGEthey’re still a lot of fun……..






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